Quick Hits: The Senate and People of Rome

Roman History is one of my favorite subjects. I have read about the Roman Legions, Caesar and the Republic since I was a boy. In college, I never really took any Ancient History courses, or studied Rome formally, but it is one of my favorite subjects to read up on and to write on. I think the fact that I never formally undertook study of Rome or Latin (or any of the required languages to study the classics) allows me to just enjoy the beauty and splendor of that time period, instead of worrying about job security or perceived applicability of a Ph. D in the classics.

Image result for gladiator tigris of gaul

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Today there is a new article up that discusses Roman military organization of their logistics… or the lack thereof in comparison to the disciplined, highly organized legions. It fits the them of the earlier article about the Civil War and how the North gamed the odds a bit in their favor with how they organized their military units. It’s going to be a continuing project, looking at military organization, units and other ideas that have either shaped an Army for success or set them up for failure. Let me know what you think! And, as always, thanks for the read.

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