Steel and Stylus is a unique look at human history: The Conflict and struggle that brought us to where we are, and the wisdom and truth we are always searching for.

These two subjects (war, advancement of ideas) seem to be the only constants across cultures, continents and time. The Ancient Romans: fought wars among themselves and with other people. They also debated the nature of mankind and made advances in engineering and medicine. Ancient Aztecs: built a vast empire that was ruled through the law of the sword but they also had advanced understanding of astronomy and the stars that their European counterparts could only dream of. China (ancient or otherwise): victim to the dynastic cycle that saw civil war, strife and struggle all throughout their history and up to modern times… while also inventing the compass and maintaining a vast administration with in-depth records.

What is the appropriate use of force in a counter-insurgency situation? What is the Nature of Truth? How does a society’s values influence its martial characteristics? Is it even important to study the intersection of war and learning, conflict and ideas? These debates have played out countless times throughout various ages, societies and civilizations.

What makes this site unique then? We will cover varied, and interesting topics while keeping things limited in scope to the theme of Steel and Stylus.

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