Quick Hits: Violation of The Marquess Of Queensberry Rules

I love boxing. Some of my earliest memories are watching Mike Tyson fights with my old man, or going to Atlantic City and watching fights with him too. The raw, unbridled nature of the sport attracted me, but as I got older I came to appreciate the rules and regulations of the sport even more. Someone like Mike Tyson was a physical specimen that could probably excel in almost any professional sport; but a fighter like Floyd Patterson or Jack Dempsey had to develop a specific skill and train hard to compete and win. I liked the fact that there was a set of rules (called the Marquess Of Queensberry Rules) fighters had work within in order to achieve dominance in the ring. It was a refined prizefight, a competition of warriors in an agreed setting but it still had an aspect of blood.

I liked boxing so much, I decided to take up fighting when I was a teenager. I boxed for about six years, and enjoyed every minute of it. I was never really talented, but I liked the fight and I felt alive inside the ring.

Image result for boxing knockout

Violating the Marquess of Queensberry Rules is one the biggest no-nos in the sport.

In my most recent article I violated my own rules a bit. I talk somewhat about modern politics and show my hand a little. Sometimes it is easy to get comfortable in your own echo chamber, and in order to grow, you have to take a few risks. I stepped out of my own personal comfort chamber with this article.

I hope it is interesting, and if it offends you, instead of huffing and puffing… Tell me why. So far, this audience and followers have been amazing and I appreciate the support! Really enjoy this ride so far.

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