Quick Hits: Cleared to Engage

In our most recent article I talked about how technology and the Rules of Engagement can make warfighting perplexing on the tactical level. Honestly speaking, I never felt encumbered or threatened by the Rules of Engagement, but they definitely limited our movement and use of supporting elements that could have, in at least one or two instances I was personally there for, saved the lives of some American soldiers. In a simplified way of looking at things, War and combat operations are also allocations of resources. If everyone is relying on the same air support, same mortar team or same machine gun, because they aren’t cleared to use the latest platforms, then you have a potential fight for resources when the shooting starts. In my opinion, that’s why it’s so important to leverage new technology at all levels and make sure it is integrated both tactically and legally into the warfighter’s arsenal.

Image result for vietnam war

Ever since Vietnam, it seems like we’ve never had an issue fighting and killing the enemy… just figuring out who the enemy is and where they are

Tomorrow, I will have an article looking at a historical example of a new technology that was successfully integrated across whole Armies and used to conquer and win! Not only that, it was also considered a gruesome weapon and the outcry from enemies claimed it was barbaric and a heinous tool used by bloodthirsty conquerors. But, it was integrated at all levels and successfully used in accordance with the tactics of the time and the legality surrounding warfare at the time.

There’s very little easy or clear cut answers in war and law, and blending the two together generally results in a messy, bloody headache for all involved. But, we don’t dictate the reality of the world we live in, we just live in it! Don’t let that stop you from striving for a better tomorrow and keeping your morals square, but just remember, once you write that strongly worded letter to the editor, you might have to back up your position with action…

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