Quick Hits: Administrative Action

After a bit of a layaway, we are back! I had to take some time off and devote to a new job for the past year or so. During this time I still wrote, I just couldn’t maintain a regular writing/publishing schedule. Now that I’ve got my “sea legs” under me, I have been writing regularly for the past 3 months again and decided it’s time to start publishing.


Don’t worry, all my discharges were Honorable and the only administrative action I’m talking about is a few tweaks here and there. No article 15’s here folks!

I missed writing and putting out articles. While it’s great to read and write notes, I always enjoyed hearing feedback on my content and having a few followers email me yesterday after I put up an article was a great feeling. Check out our new article that discusses cinema in the 21st Century Formulaic, Foreign and Full of $h!t: Cinema in the 21st Century (So Far)

There’s going to be some administrative re-organizing of the website too. I think older articles can be a bit hard to find and a face lift might not be a bad idea. I’ll keep tweaking with the interface and article layout until I feel it is the best it can be. Until then, stay tuned…

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