Quick Hits: Lucky or Skilled?

I was overseeing a surgical procedure using one of my company’s products today, and the doctor got everything right the first time (which is pretty rare). He turned around and looked at me and said “Hey, I’d rather be lucky than skilled any day of the week!”… Somehow, I hope my doctor is both lucky and skilled. Maybe I should keep an eye out for experienced Irish physicians then.

Image result for lucky doctors

Oh man, I hope that “lucky” doctor is alright! Looks like he might need a few skills after all…

I am devoting a bit of time and content to a series of articles. The first one can be read here. This is a new thing for me, as all of my previous articles and efforts, while fitting into the larger Steel and Stylus themes, have been singular pieces. This isn’t a big shift or a large change, just something new that seemed interesting to me. I hope everyone enjoys it!

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