Quick Hits: Incoming! 11/15/2017

Tonight I will publish an article dealing with the philosophical and cultural motivations behind many of the technology breakthroughs we had in the 20th Century. It will touch a bit on Science Fiction, a bit on science fact, and a bit on technology. I love Science Fiction; I think it gives the writer an ability to evoke imaginations and weave plots and characters that would otherwise be limited. I also think it is useful because as a reader, you can tell fairly early in a story if the writer is just a hack. If there is no consistency in the universe created and a lot of reliance on deus ex machina that is explained away after the fact, the author probably should go back to the drawing board and I will not finish their novel.

Image result for sci fi original movies

Based on a true story.

In other news, I have been doing a lot of research and reading on Hybrid Warfare. I will probably write a primer on Hybrid Warfare sometime next week, just to put my thoughts out there and keep things organized, even if only for myself. It seems I have been focusing a bit on modern day tactics, problems and terrorist groups, instead of strictly history, but I like discussing these issues and I always try to frame them in historical context. Plus, as a new site, they seem to be the only kind of articles attracting followers and views!

Really though, if you want an article about something specific or want me to do a series profiling an event, person or time, I would be more than happy to. Just let me know what you think, and I’ll start plugging away. After all, this site is for the readers out there… Otherwise I would just keep a journal.

I will have some more time this December/January where I will be concentrating on some in depth Historical topics and events. Should be some good stuff.

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