Quick Hits: Weekly Update 13 November 2017

We launched this site officially last week and things have been going smoothly. I appreciate the feedback and the follows! It really has been an exciting few days and the visits and followers I have received is pretty encouraging. It is always nerve wracking to undergo something new, and I have never been a published author or an editor of website. But trying something new can be exciting. Hey, at least I’m not back in Afghanistan doing this:

Image result for burning shit in afghanistan

It’s not as bad as it looks… Wait, yes it is.

I joke, I genuinely enjoyed my time in the Army and was happy with the people I met and experiences I had.

What’s up for this week:

Tonight I will be publishing an article on ISIS and framing them in historical context compared to different terrorist groups throughout history.

Wednesday I will be publishing an article that talks about how Science Fiction has molded technology and progress during the 20th Century.

Friday I will be publishing an article arguing how opium production by Islamist Groups is a symptom of a larger problem, and not the problem itself.

Growing The Site:

I’m actively trying to grow this site (part of being the editor, I think). Any shares, likes or follows on Social Media would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you have content or ideas you would like to contribute, I am open to submissions.

Bottom line though: I truly appreciate the small following and the readers I have had so far, it is definitely exceeding anything this kid from Philly could hope for.

Let me know what you think: admin@steelandstylus.com

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