Is The Internet “Real Life”?

With the huge impact twitter, facebook ads, and other internet movements had on the 2016 elections it is increasingly clear that the internet is having a much larger impact on real life. You can earn a livelihood on the internet, spend your free time on the internet and get your social interaction on the internet. Some people do all three. Despite this, I am still not convinced the internet is “real life”.

Until we have some sort of great synchronicity and merge with machines, computers and AI, we really are still constrained by what our bodies and minds can “do” here in the physical realm. The internet though, is a powerful tool that can supplement and even replace most functions. Look at this website: 30 years ago I would have been forced to write through a local paper or secure a book deal. If I was lucky, I could ink some sort of columnist gig and put my ideas out that way.

What the internet has done, is make it possible for us to live “in the best time possible”. Like my earlier article mentions, the internet is a vast cache of knowledge, experts and entertainment that we have access to 24/7. Instead of using these tools to “Keep Up With the Kardashians”, I prefer to read up on stuff that interests me, research some history and stay in touch with friends. You can learn advanced math from a youtube video and teach yourself how to fix or rebuild a car. But it is not “real life”…

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